When QueenBey released 7.11, i wondered why her inspiration wasn’t patient enough till 11.11. Anyways loves it’s my birthdaaayyyy!!! I have been excited for this day since 31st October and we are finally here #Alhamdulilah. I am extremely grateful for making another year today and i pray this one is even better and more prosperous than the ones before.

Seeing as it’s my birthday, i thought i would get a bit personal with you guys and share with you 11 facts about me so you can get to know me better. It would have been more but the theme today is eleven (11) so y’all don’t be thirsty LOL.

1. I have four names though my official documents carry just two (M.A.A.B), hopefully i will get a fifth one somedayπŸ˜‰.

2. The ”Bee” on ”MayaBee” stands for my surname which is Balunywa (don’t mind the ”ee”). This is a norm in my family and all my siblings are referred to with ”Bee”, for example ”KiaBee”, ”TashBee”, ”AmuBee” etc. I have had so many people ask me what the ”Bee” stands for – hopefully i have killed the curiosity.

3. I look just like my mother (May her soul rest in peace). We could be twins if we were the same age. I didn’t see it when  was younger but nowadays am like ”WOOO hold up!”. Yes, the resemblance is insane.

4. I am such a daddy’s girl and i believe daddy knows best – literally. So if my daddy says this or that, it is really that. I believe that’s one person who’s interest for me can never be doubted. He’s my hero, my everything.

5. My favorite days in the year are my birthday and new years eve. I actually feel like November is the month of love and 11.11 is valentines.

6. I love to style everything else minus my hair. That’s why my hair is always held up in a bun – quick, simple and i can actually do it myself.

7. My favorite colors are all neutrals. I once imagined i loved bright colors but i was actually fighting myself Lol. PS: I do wear color often, but neutrals catch my eye – something so calming about the greys, whites and the likes.

8. I love me some chapati and beans. In Uganda this is referred to as ”Kikomando”, if i start explaining to you guys my love for this combo, you might ask me why i am not a chef. Who else like their fries with beans like i do? I am very critical when it comes to my favorite food – so it needs to be well done.

9. I am very shy. Some people find it so hard to believe but on the contrary I like to keep eye contact with people when we are having a conversation. I can’t explain why though.

10. I don’t discriminate anyone- a lesson from my father. I have so many friends from all different circles, don’t be surprised when you find me toasting with someone you least expect. 

11. I believe love is such a beautiful thing. I love you guys.

Now let me get my lazy ass out of bed and start my day.

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Happy birthday mama G..God bless u more n more#live long#jah knows


Awwwww…Thank you so much😘




Hapee birthdee maya…have a blastπŸ™ŒπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰


Thank you hon😘

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