Anybody in fear of aging? If so then let’s grab our egg white masks aka the natural Botox more often to keep dem eyes tight because time is not on our side. Can you believe we are already half way of 2017? One can hardly catch a break, am telling ya! I know it’s been more than a week since I put out any content on here so I must say if you take long without hearing from me, always know there’s a good reason behind the silence. Between taking care of an infant, the paper chase and living life – I barely get enough time to catch a breather but you should know I think about you my lovelies all the time and I hope y’all are doing great.


To work from home today, this was after me waking up, getting me and Ehan ready for the day. I must say this hasn’t come guilt free but I again thought to myself “You can be productive from anywhere, what matters is to get things done” so here I am – done with the accounts of Maya’s Gallery and now hoping to have this post up tomorrow morning.


To Ehan’s giggles, whines and cries as he kicks my thighs away. But anything to distract him as i get my work done, so he can kick away.


On some dates. Who else is obsessed with these? I have eaten a huge pack of dates in just two days and I still can’t get enough.


Tons of water as per usual, although i miss my lemon / lime waters combos. I heard lemon affects one’s breast milk  supply (i wonder how true it is) so i stay away.


Nothing at the moment. Still haven’t found “The Outliers” book since the last taking stock – looks I need to move on.


The Designated Survivor. I am sure I have talked about how bomb this show is before – my opinion still stands.


On incorporating more motherhood / parenting bits on the blog, I will be sharing my experiences, DIYs, infant food recipes etc, what do y’all think?


To do more YouTube videos so please be sure to Subscribe HERE! If you have any video suggestions please be sure to let me know.


Bigger and believing that i will achieve all that i set my mind to. If you don’t believe in yourself, how do expect the world to believe in you. Be your own GOALS!


A Spa day as soon as possible before my body goes in Sleep Mode. I honestly think being a mother comes with superpowers, I never imagined it was possible to juggle all that I do  right now and still smile at the end of the day.


Out the Livara Diamond Tones stretch mark cream hoping it will be the answer to my struggle with these beautiful life marks called stretch marks. Some of you guys might know my struggle with stretch marks since the last months of my pregnancy and am telling you nothing is seeming to work. I have read some great reviews about this product and decided to try it out, will keep you guys posted of any progress.


Of doing some DIY home decor projects – got a simple idea that i would like to start with and if it goes well, i will definitely share. I am currently obsessing with subtle home decor and this comes at the right moment as my living room space needs some little spice.


Like my body is a tad lighter than it was last month – someone might have shed a few pounds in the last couple of weeks, Yaay!!


If you watched my latest YouTube video? If you haven’t, please be sure to check it out HERE!


With Colourpop ultra matte lipsticks. These last the whole day so I never have to worry about adding lipstick to my mini purses (which I am currently in love with) and guess what – they don’t dry out your lips once you take them off. Shop some HERE.

Can’t wait:

For Mama Amu to come back this Sunday, Ehan and I have missed you.

Looking forward:

To Ehan making 6 months next month! I think i will have a mash party at the house, i honestly can’t believe how far we have come. Alhamdulilah!


That Kyom had her beautiful baby girl Misq last week, it’s quite exciting when you and your Bff get another thing in common.  Still awaiting two more babies and the play dates will officially begin.


To have been this week’s #WCW on Urban TV, am extremely humbled.


That the best hand is a helping hand especially one that helps in silence. This is something I would love for you guys to note, think about and reflect on after you are done reading this post. For the Muslims out there we all know the importance to giving zakat / Saddaq so I would like to urge you to give the little you can especially during this month of Ramadan and let’s forget selfies this time and not make the person in need feel so inferior.


For you and your continued support, I am forever humbled.

Be sure to add me on Instagram @itsmayabee and Snap Chat itsmayabee11.

To an amazing June!

Happy Heroes Day & Ramadan Kareem!!

Stay Fab



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