Happy Saturday Loves!!

I started thinking about blogging about one and a half years ago, I didn’t mention this to many people. It was desirable thought I kept to myself but early this year I started to hint about my desire to blog to a few people and I got quite a number of encouraging responses. I hit the GO button  and here we are!

One friend of mine told me a few months ago “Maya I don’t know much about blogging but let me know when your first post is up” (I guess he was tired of the talk and no action). So I never mentioned anything “blog” to him.

On the afternoon of 20th May 2015 after I put my first blog post I called him very excited to give him the good news. He was very happy for me and he said “Finally, I was tired of hearing about the blog which was non existent”. 

Shortly after our call ended he called me back and offered my a free photoshoot because he knew I needed pictures for the blog. OMG  I was super excited (for the love I have for pictures and dressing up, this was perfectoo). 

He did this in support of my dreams and I thank God for such people I have in my life. It’s small things like this that make life so beautiful. #OurDreamsAreValid 

I will be sharing details of the photoshoot early next week. For now just a sneak peek 😜

Have A Great Weekend Loves!!


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