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Hope y’all doing great seeing as the weekend is here πŸ™‚

Everybody loves a good color block right? I love my neutrals but once in a while i throw on some good color and today is one of those days. In one of my previous posts “Skater It Up“, i talked about the notion i had about skater skirts until i tried on one and the rest was history.

Guys i must say am in love with this skirt  –  my best buy for the past two months, i feel like such “a girl” in it (not that i was feeling like a man before LOL). From my previous post ”Skater It Up”, i got a few comments from the ladies gifted with the bigger booties that the skirt was a bit too short and yes skater skirts can be a bit revealing but you can opt for the longer one like this ladies. I wrote about my experience with Jumia in a previous post “On the Jumia train” but never got to show you guys exactly what i had bought, so here we are.

As you can see i went all out with color block (everything was a different color πŸ™‚ i paired the blue skirt with a pink top, strappy white and gold heels(my first time to wear these and OMG i love them, definition of comfy and i now i wear them almost everyday),and a black and white hand bag. I kept my jewelry quite simple with a golden chain and studs.

I kept my hair in a simple small bun(oops,no extensions this time). This is my all time favorite hair style and i could swear it’s like a “MayaBee” signature look.

I wore this during the day to a lunch meeting with a friend and switched it up for a night out by ditching the big handbag for a small purse, it made all the difference trust me. All these colors kept me smiling the whole day and night.

Skirt ~ Jumia

Top ~ Forever 21

Shoes ~ Cant remember the store, sorry!

Chain and Studs ~ Mr Price

Bag ~ Teddy Collections  +256775162965

Photo Credit – My dear friend Kyom 

This skirt would be cute styled a variety of ways so i’m sure i’ll be getting plenty of wear out of it. Will be showing you in a few weeks.

Feeling low, Block it up!

Much Love



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You did the skirt justice πŸ™‚


Thank you Tracy πŸ˜€


Will try out those colour combinations before summer is out. You rocked it kid !!!


Thanks mama πŸ˜€ please send me the pictures!


wow, Mayabee look so great. I cant even see the colour block, all i see is niceness!


Shakie you are too kind. Thank you


I πŸ‘€ you Love…… the colors look as exciting πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ in the pictures as they were when seen live, this is purely blocking in its true nature πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜….


Awww…thank you😝


Saw your photo credit?


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I need me one of these….these are perfect for out of shape mummies like me! #tummy issues 😼


Maya hun! Love love love the fashion blogging!


Thank you honey. Your blog just keeps making me hungry


This looks beautiful


Thanks massy πŸ˜€

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