As I enjoy the beautiful views, breeze and no traffic hassle in Fort Portal, I decided to catch a breather from the short (long) holiday break here on the blog – didn’t want to be MIA for so long. However, I hope you lovelies had a very merry Christmas and are ready to take on … Continue Reading

Strutting on a Budget? If yes, then thrift shopping is a for you. Being the collector that I am, obsession is the perfect word to describe how I feel about thrift shopping – it always feels like a treasure hunt every time. If you are a fan of vintage anything like myself then you know … Continue Reading

  Looks like November was ”Jumpsuit Month”, for some reason i wore jumpsuits to all the occasions this month and this wasn’t planned. Need i mention why i love this one? No? Looks like y’all know the way to my heart is some good ol’ neutrals.

  For my first ever Kampala Fashion Week Red was the perfect color to make a statement. If you had asked me what outfit i had in mind, trust me i would have never said anything red – it would have been something neutral of course. Another pleasure i had which i was excited to … Continue Reading