Olive Green Chic

Wardrobe Maximization anyone? Some of you might know I preach Wardrobe maximization all the damn time – maybe that’s one of the reasons I didn’t go all out shopping while pregnant (of course besides the fact that I needed my old clothes to give me the motivation to shed off the extra pounds and fit … Continue Reading

Denim CutOuts

Do you ever feel like you can manage everything life throws at you especially because you are a female and we females make milkshakes when life throws us lemons LOL. You even give yourself those little pep talks like “Come on by the time I can bleed for days and still get on with life, … Continue Reading

Let Loose With a Tee

One can’t speak of wardrobe basics and staples and doesn’t mention a plain t- shirt, I have always been such a fan of tees and my obsession has escalated in the past months mainly because of my busy schedule which needs more comfortable fits that I can style easily and burst my ass freely while … Continue Reading