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Can’t believe it’s the weekend already. Hope you all doing great. As i had mentioned earlier in ”For The Love Of Good Skin” that i will be giving you guys details on the products that i use on my skin, so here i am 🙂 Anyway to start off I have to say i do not use much on my skin in terms of masks, toners, moisturizers etc.

I have always been a loyal Johnson baby oil girl since i was a little girl until i realized the increasing number of dupes on the market so i switched it up a little bit. I haven’t really had issues with my skin reacting to products so i would use whatever product i pleased from Dove, to Protex bar soaps, Dettol not to mention but a few until a few months ago when i got a rash on my face and decided to grow up (you know how our mothers are loyal to that one product and have consistency using it, well i grew up in that way- i think LOL)


I currently use ”Olay Body.Corps” bar soap for my face and body. I haven’t been using this for a long time (think it has been about 3 months since i started using it religiously), its a moisturizing soap which keeps the skin softer and from drying out. the packaging of says ”softer, smoother skin in 7 days” (i laughed when i read this this, Of course many other soaps and beauty products have said that from time to time), but I think I noticed a slight improvement in that time and guys, i am definitely recommending this one.  MOISTURIZER;

I use Aveeno active naturals daily moisturizer and coconut oil to moisturize my skin. The Aveeno is meant to relieve dry skin which i don’t have so i use this on the hotter days when i want something light on my skin, for the other days i use the coconut oil – its odd but i like my glow sometimes (famously known as ”ka shino” in high school). I love the scent of the coconut oil and its all natural, works with the hair too.  PRIMER;

For the days I wear makeup I use the Maybelline baby skin- instant pore eraser as my primer. When you read “instant pore eraser” don’t you get so excited, those pores just don’t disappear no matter how much you use but their appearance is definitely minimized. This acts as a canvas for the makeup to stay in place and also as a barrier between my skin and the makeup. Am planning on switching it up soon with the Mac Prep + Prime Skin (still collecting dem coins LOL), read and heard the reviews and they are tempting.  MAKEUP REMOVER;

Lancome Bi – Facial Double action makeup remover is what I use to get rid of that makeup after a long day and I must say guys, this product is heaven sent. It actually reads “Eye Makeup Remover” on the bottle but I use this all over my face (lips inclusive), it’s smooth on the skin and has no taste (please don’t ask how I end up tasting because I don’t know, Lol – I just do). One of my mamas got me this a few years ago but I didn’t use much or any makeup then so I didn’t appreciate its value until recently and am actually running out (mama please hook your daughter up 😆). Anyway I would recommend this all day everyday.  


This is another affordable ”must have” with multiple uses but for today let me stick to the skin. I use this only when i get a few break outs  (you know that annoying pimple that comes around your lip or forehead? Yes that one). I mix a small amount of  the bicarbonate soda with water to form a paste and put this paste on the affected area, this helps dry out the pimples faster.


1. Shea Butter. This definitely comes number one on my list,but i will give testimony to the all natural one (no preservatives added) as  it is what i have tried. I used it sometime back during my not so long journey of skin care and i loved it. You must be wondering why am not using it currently huh; well i think you need to give it time to dub it in and let the butter sink in and i am just in a hurry sometimes – ooops. And this is great for hair too so that’s a two in one deal.

2. Vaseline. I think Vaseline is such a neutral moisturizer for those who are still in transit of their skin care journey, in case you are still deciding which high end products to stick with. Vaseline is such a multi- purpose product, you will be surprised what you can use it for – i’m definitely going to do a post for you guys about that.

Please recommend any good products you have tried and please tell me why you love them.

 Flower Vase ~ Mr. Price Home Acacia Mall

Olay Body.Corps Bar Soap ~ Jazz Supermarket Bugolobi

Aveeno Lotion ~

Vaseline – Nakumatt Village Mall

Coconut Oil ~ Jazz Supermarket Bugolobi

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer ~

Lancome Bi- Facial Action ~

Bicarbonate soda ~ Capital Shoppers Nakawa

Am off to the garage sale at Tamarai Thai Restaurant Kololo, will give you details soon.

Stay Blessed.




Am not a skin expert or dermatologist, this review if from my personal experience. Some of these products could work for some of you and some may not.

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It’s Mayabee, you should incorporate and eye cream, if you do, with time you will thank me. Hehe. It’s also great to use a scrub once in a while I personally I use the Grape fruit Neutrogena daily scrub, seen some in Eve and Nico, charms and the big beauty shops in town. I also believe the simple things work best and my loyalty to Vaseline is that undying one. Thanks for sharing, I will be looking out for the Olay Body corps too. See you at Tamarai


Definitely going to try the eye cream out, which one do would you recommend? Will look for a some, I have some neutrogena products and for some reason my skin didn’t agree, will give that a shot though.
See you soon.


I have used one of Oriflame and I must agree, Oriflame is cheap and effective. They have a couple of ranges to pick from, thou I don’t recall the actual range. Sorry I have had change of program, so I won’t make it at Tamarai, all the same we shall meet soon.


Thanks dear will try out the soap and the lotion


Okay…please let me know how you find them.


Still collecting dem coins PAHHA :’) I really want to try maybelline baby skin because I’ve heard it’s a good dupe for the POREfessional, eeek! I really enjoyed this post – and your vase is the best! Emma xxx


Thanks Emma. The maybelline baby skin is such a good dupe, you will be pleased with it


Good article Maya, like one of yr readers suggested eye cream is very imprtantant too , scrubbing , yes , but there facial cleansers these days that are 2 in one that are really very gentle to yr skin , but get the job done . By that imean cleanse, srub and moisturize at the same time. As for the makeup remover i shipped turns and i gather tbe first shipment has already arrived in Ug ready to be cleared (soon as i get money) and the next is at Mombasa , so i aleady thought of u before u even asked. Keep up the good work will be reading


Awwww….I know you always think of me. Thank you mama😀 I am patient.
Which of those cleansers would you recommend?


Olay is not bad , if only you could get it in cream (remember the cleanser i use) it comes in a tube. I beleive that would be far better than the bar soap.But you said it best in the article , nothing beats larcome, the only problem its too expensive. The one i recommend for me personally is by Larcome ofcourse and it depends on yr skin to pick which one to use. i.e if yr skin is dry, oily or in between. But me personslly i use ABSOLUE FACIAL WASH amazing!!!!!!! Will try to send you one and see how you like it.


Personally, I use cocoa butter lotion and I attest to the great skin I have. Smooth and soft. The beauty is that it is not greasy at all for those who prefer non greasy sticky lotions. There’s however a Vaseline oil for those who like their occasional “Ka Shino”
Will try the bicarbonate soda for the annoying pimples. Thanx Maya


Mac prep n Prime is awesome!!! I use it plus its waaaay cheaper out here … Someone gotta ship it to u GiftWise Maya


Ooooh yeah….the reviews are great. Someone should definitely gift me 😀

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