Lashings Of Green

I think there are two types of Muslim girls, those that like their scarves / veils small and extremely neat and those who like theirs big, thick and a little unruly. I am definitely down for the latter.

My 6 Must Haves For The Holidays

Everybody loves the festive season and its finally here guys. Everybody is back on holiday which means so many luncheons,parties, unexpected plans and the best part of it all – GIFTS, i know you too are guilty on the gift excitement. So i thought i would give you a few of my must haves for … Continue Reading

Got My Contour On

So this morning as i go through my draft posts, i come cross this post from over three months ago and i am actually embarrassed that i completely forgot about it. But i guess this was all good timing for me as i haven’t done a beauty related post in a while so here we … Continue Reading

My Skin Regimen

Hello Loves, Can’t believe it’s the weekend already. Hope you all doing great. As i had mentioned earlier in ”For The Love Of Good Skin” that i will be giving you guys details on the products that i use on my skin, so here i am 🙂 Anyway to start off I have to say … Continue Reading