Black Peplum Affair

I am having so many mixed feelings right about now – i am not sure if i should scream, cry, do a happy dance, keep quiet or do all the above. In short, i am all sorts of happy and excited right now. Firstly i am wearing pieces that are part of my collection “Customized … Continue Reading

Double The Lime

The number one reason i like peplum pieces, be it a dress, skirt or top is i get to eat whatever the hell i want without worrying about my stomach popping out after a meal or should i say meals. You need to leave a place looking just the way you arrived – I think … Continue Reading

Orange Black Out

 It’s just a few days to 2016 – anybody excited?  As we wrap up 2015 i thought i would leave you guys with one of my fave recreations of the year. I am excited for these last few days of 2015 as i will be exploring a part of my country that i have not … Continue Reading