Being an adult comes with a need to save money and any chance to save a dime while getting my money’s worth – I am down for that. Don’t get it twisted, even when I am gift shopping I do have that in mind. What’s better than seeing someone wear or use your gift for years?

So a few days ago I decided to finally gift my siblings and I must say the mother in me popped out real quick as I wanted my gift to be something classic, relevant to their day to day life and something I would see them wear for a while. I finally zeroed down to SHOES! After I did some rediscovery, I guess it’s quite safe for me to say history might just be repeating itself.

When I was younger I was not a fan of BATA shoes because of their good quality and durability, I mean who wanted to wear the same shoes for two years (Do you guys remember the pressure that came along with changing shoes and school bags in primary school LOL). Now that I am older, I understand why my mum always opted for BATA shoes. With a couple of responsibilities and vacations to save for, I am always looking for ways to get my money’s worth when I buy something and the Bata school shoes are the perfect fit! Now I know exactly where Ehan will be getting his shoes when he gets older😊

Do you love a good deal like me? BATA has great shoes for school kids, a promo on the socks; buy 3 pairs and get one free so y’all can stock up and other fantastic deals on shoes…

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