Thought the three quarter pants were out of style? No so fast Mami😆 we are still rocking these old school three quarter pants (capris) and I am almost tempted to call these a wardrobe staple however I am yet to be fully convinced, however I am loving these specific three quarter pants.
A quick one guys! Do people still say "Linen makes you look wealthy / classy and everything cool"? I hope they still do because this is me bringing you some 'old school with a twist of that "everything cool" hard linen. Are you a linen fanatic?
Linen is that anything goes fabric which I am currently obsessed with(It I was just bleh to me before) and I must say I am collecting anything Linen of late including PapaG / Ehan's daddy's new white linen pants ( he just does not know it yet😆).

Khaki and black is what I call the "out of sleep" combo. You don't have to give this color combo much thought – I mean what's safer than black? So this fringe black top was perfect for these three quarter bad boys, the golden sandal heels and mini purse where exactly what I needed for that beautiful sunny day. As some of you might know I am obsessed with this small purse trend (check out Trend Watch Post HERE), this purse is perfect.Do you still have those three quarter pants in your closet or you threw them away? I really hope you are still hanging onto them, so here's a few tips you can use to rock those three quarter pants;

  • Get yourself a well fitting pair of three quarter pants as these tend to give one a few extra pounds if they are ill fitting.
  • Wear high heels with your three quarter pants to give you a chic elegant look – Trust me, you can never go wrong with a nice pair of heels.

Top – Forever 21

Pants – Ann Taylor

Shoes – AMI Club Wear

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