Happy New Month Loves!! Asalam Aleikum to all my Muslim sisters and  brothers!

My plan was to take a break from the blog till the month of Ramadan ended but looks like I couldn’t stay away from you guys😉 Hope everybody is doing amazing.


Lots of brainstorming and audio notes are my favorite things to use at the moment. 


Ehan and Eddie’s very loud giggles all the way from bedroom, this is how their play time always is – extremely loud. 


A salted caramel milkshake and FroYo. I know, strange combo but Ramadan cravings are driving me crazy and it’s just 8am.


To lots to Mufti Menk’s teachings this month of Ramadan. 


“How to win friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie quite slowly I should admit but I must share one simple lesson from the book – before you criticize, compliment. Trust me, it works wonders.


CNN Newsroom, trying to catch up on what’s happening all over the globe. This is my go to channel the few times I turn the tv on in the morning.


Nothing at the moment. Can’t wait to catch up on The Resident.


My hair in very messy cornrows for the past three weeks and challenging myself to get creative with my turban game.


My closet one day at a time and wishing I had more space.


To Up my savings game as I need to quench my thirst for travel this year, you can not believe I have four destinations written down – am I a dreamer or what?


For one of my favorite black jumpsuits that I can’t seem to find for the past two months. I am slowly crossing over to frustration mode.


My black trench coat which I am back to wearing daily, thanks to the  abrupt change of weather this week.


The Month on Ramadan as it lasts, Can’t believe we have got a few days to go. May Allah (SWT) see us through these last days, accept our prayers and fast.


If you are Subscribed to my YouTube channel? If you are not please be sure to do so HERE, and be sure to hit that Bell button while at it. I upload videos at least once a week.

Super Excited:

That my article “ Getting your groove back after Birth” was featured in the MUBS Alumni Magazine (I posted about this on my Instagram on Monday) and am hoping that it will be of help to somebody out there.

Looking Forward:

To preparing Iftar later today (I love making meals for my small Fam whenever I can) and munch on dates until I go to bed. Anybody addicted to dates like myself? 


All Ehan’s milestones with the widest grin on my face saying Alhamdulilah (Praise to God). He’s growing into a very independent little man who loves his shoes very much LOL.


About the struggle that lies ahead as I wean Ehan. You guys, I can not even begin to explain his addiction to the boob and it’s worrying me by the day – i feel like he needs to eat and drink more but if momma is around, then all he wants are boobies. This is a male thing or🤣🤣🤣 Can any mom relate to this?


So proud of my father, he’s got such a big heart.

(Seriously) Considering :

Enrolling my Sonshine into a Day Care. I have heard so many discussions with people about this and majority think I should wait just a little longer, maybe untill he makes 2 years. What do you guys think about Day Care for children below two / three years?

Can’t wait:

To be back to Ssese Island next month and my Sonshine will be exactly a year older since we were there last year. Check out last year’s Vlog HERE.


At the ways some people decide to use the internet and social media as a whole, I mean there’s so much positive to do with the internet but one chooses the negative and falsely bashes people. I have had plenty of such experiences (even recently but this will be a story for another day). However, I have managed to get stronger as the years passed by and one trick I can share with you lovelies especially if you are in the creative space of the internet or intend to join – Silence is golden and not everybody will like what you are doing but that’s okay!


That we all have 24 hours in a day and how we decide to spend them is all up to you. So before you do something, make sure it’s worth your time.

Views from Ssese Island

Time check: 10:21am Between morning chores, a toddler and everything else, looks like I have to cut this post short, attend to my now attention seeking toddler then dash out real quick.


For God’s favor and you guys❤- Thank you for stopping by.

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Stay Fab



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