Taking Stock : 22

We are in the Second Quarter of the year already, how is your year progressing so far? How are you keeping up with all those goals you set at the beginning of the year? Personally I am not anywhere near that bikini tummy but it’s not too late – even for you, so let’s get … Continue Reading

Taking Stock 15

Three months into the New Year – Is it still safe to say Happy New Year to you lovelies? I have missed being here – putting out content, living this part of my life and fulfilling a commitment I am always delighted to do. For those of you that follow me on my social media … Continue Reading

Taking Stock : 12

Well Hello there loves. I know its been a hot minute  since the last taking stock series and I hope y’all are doing great. So much is going on and i can barely make time for myself but such is Life, right?  I hate to acknowledge how much time flies but can you believe it’s … Continue Reading