Tips to the perfect Denim Collection : Wardrobe Building Series

A few days ago just after I had uploaded my Saturday #OOTD on the gram (you know you gotta keep up with the gram so be sure to add me HERE) and was scrolling though my photo archives, it hit me how much I love me some denim. Believe me, i never considered myself a … Continue Reading

Do’s and Don’ts of Denim

Do you know anyone who’s not down for some good ‘ol denim? I would love to meet them for a sit down and am sure that will be one hell of a lengthy conversation as I will need to hear an in depth explanation as to why anyone would deny themselves this fashion Goodness. Denim … Continue Reading

How to wear that Pointed Toe Heel

The pointed heels or so called pointy-toe heels, go into that category of shoes that every woman should own. My love for these shoes is some old love  and i have talked about these before on the blog. I love my heels alright, but am in love with a pointed toe heel – anybody else … Continue Reading