Njagala nga Bwendi Bebi!

Translates……. “Love me as I am Baby”. 


I have not written in a long time about anything and recently I have been questioning myself if I am really a writer? And the honest answer is NO. But do I enjoy jotting down my thoughts once in a while? YES. So bare with me and allow me to re introduce myself,  my name is Maya and I am a normal confused millennial content creator who loves to write a few times in a year. I would love to empahsize  “a few times” because beyond what you see on my Instagram, life gets real tough so usually the few hours left to spare when my 3 year old Sonshine give mama a break are dedicated to my eye cream and sunscreen application because I should love on myself and also because I don’t play with the damn sun. And this is when I will advise you to please wear sunscreen, you will thank me when you are 46.

Today I am typing my thoughts as they come to my head because …… why not? So accept my imperfect randomness that hopefully will put a smile on your face along the way. Remember the first time you met up with your bestie after the lockdown was eased? No judgement, just gist and utter rawness. It’s that time for us right now so love me as I am. Njagala Nga Bwendi.

May 2020 marked 5 years since I started my content creation journey on here and I can’t believe I didn’t even recognize that milestone this year, clearly COVID has been tough. How harsh has the pandemic been to you? For me it has forced to me to make some bold ass moves which I know I will be grateful for. At the beginning of the year, I called 2020 the year of the breakthrough – its been rough but we have managed to make it here so I am optimistic – whatever the breakthrough will be, I know its going to be a fantastic one. I know the past couple of months have been a rollercoaster but if you are surviving to read this blog post then let me tell you one thing darling, “it could have been worse but you are alive with access to the internet, you are blessed. Take it one day at a time fam!” And there after make it a point to Subscribe to my YouTube channel :).


The phrase “Njagala nga bwendi” has been ringing in my head for a while now because lately I feel like the imaginary script for social media users especially content creators is becoming a blue print for life. I am calling it imaginery because its all in our heads. As a content creator I am expected to be happy everyday, look put together all day, spread light all the time, love reading books, express myself like a generic motivational speaker, have a Pinterest like house and listen to Ted Talks everyday.

Guess what? I have kaweke and I don’t comb my hair when I get growth (and yes my hair is permed and that doesn’t make me less of an African Queen), I am not a reader – I prefer audio books and I haven’t finished a book this whole year, I am low key ghetto and i will never sound like a motivational speaker, I enjoy enjoying life (if you follow my Instagram stories you know this) but sometimes I have to made adult decisions because my bank account isn’t agreeing with me, I love fashion but sometimes I live in my favorite pair of grey sweats,  I’ve got a touch of class with toppings of ghetto and I like me for me so please love me for me. “Njagala nga bwendi”.

For a second I thought sounded like my talented artist brother Ebrahim Soul’o in my head:)

Before I go, let’s recognize this fantastic blue number. If you are looking to over dress without so much effort, this jumpsuits are the go to. Velvet has been back in style for a few years and I must admit I love to hate it because its an easy hit or miss so when I find a good velvet its a keeper.


I am really tempted to press delete and erase all this randomness accompanied with me looking cute in this jumpsuit from Maya’s GalleryUg but I will be playing myself Thank you for taking the time.

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Stay Fab



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