Everybody loves the festive season and its finally here guys. Everybody is back on holiday which means so many luncheons,parties, unexpected plans and the best part of it all – GIFTS, i know you too are guilty on the gift excitement. So i thought i would give you a few of my must haves for this season – a quick change up to get you in that festive mood. Consider this my gift to you loves, as i anxiously wait for mine 🙂

A Red Lip:

Guess who’s trying to get out of her comfort zone? Me! Am loving some nude lippies lately but a red lip is still my staple, especially if am in a hurry which most of us are during the holidays and i have no time to carefully line that nude lip.  My favorite is the famous Ruby woo by MAC and a dark lip liner – my favorite being the night moth by MAC. At first i thought 17 dollars is too much for just one lip liner – but trust me, am getting my money’s worth everyday. And there’s just something about red that screams”it’s the holidays”, so get that red lip on.


The mighty “LBD”:

Firstly, that little black dress doesn’t have to be so little, don’t show up to dinner looking like you just hopped off the pole and blame it on me. We all know that this is a wardrobe staple for every girl so i won’t be preaching the same song today. The “LBD” is your perfect must have for the holidays as it gives you a gazillion ways to style it, try going for something with little or no details if you enjoy switching up looks like myself.

One of my fave ways to style my LBD – throw on a blazer.

 A pair skinny jeans: 

If you don’t own a pair one of fine fitting “black” skinny jeans then you must be in the wrong place. Jokes. Anyway this is another wardrobe staple and am all for the staples, imagine how many different times you can rock a black pair of skinny jeans? Don’t even answer that love. With the never ending parties this December and no time to think of quick outfit switch ups, don’t forget to pack that pair of skinny jeans  with you everywhere. I love mine high waist just to hold everything together and am such a sucker for crop tops.

I am wearing 3 of my must haves – Skinny jeans, pointed toe heels and a blazer.

A pair of pointed toe or sandal heels:

What’s the quickest way to take your outfit from 0 to 100 real quick? I believe just throw on a pair of heels and spot the difference – and my all time favorite is the pointed toe heel. I love the simplicity of these shoes, something you can wear straight from the office to your fave cocktail place. Definitely a must have for the season.

A pop of color just for the holidays (Not my picture)

A Blazer:

Should i bore you with this speech? I don’t think so. For those who follow this blog know i am down for a good blazer (check out HERE, HERE and HERE). With the weather being very unpredictable, a blazer is a must have  for the holidays – keep warm and classy.



It wouldn’t be the holidays for me without a good ‘ol accessory – am thinking go big or go home. For some reason am feeling pearls this December so i must say these pearls (in the picture) are definitely going with me till January. You can choose simple accessories if you don’t like all the eyes on you, but as we all know the perfect accessory is the icing to your outfit.

I know,I know…. these are almost my everyday tips except for days like today when am all for hair in a very messy bun, sweat pants, no moisturizer and biting on my burger. But Come on guys, it’s the holidays. Hope you find these tips helpful.

To an amazing festive season.



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