For those who follow this blog know about my “Love and Love”  relationship with food – one of the many ways to my heart is through my stomach. LOL. Seriously though. So i came to thinking how i haven’t done a restaurant review in forever, and it’s only fair if i shared a little bit of every part of my life right? Remember “ItsMayaBee” includes Lifestyle – and food is Lifestyle to me. Nothing too serious or professional, just Maya’s view.


As some of you might know, my birthday was a few weeks ago and we happened to have dinner at the Lawns. The Lawns is officially a happy place for me. The first time i was there was for a very special person’s birthday and we had such a lovely evening. PapaG hope you loved it! And then recently mine – by now you all know how much importance i attach to birthdays, so this makes it such a happy place for me.

The Lawns restaurant and lounge is located in a pristine part of the Upper Kololo area on Plot 34, Impala Road in Kampala Uganda which makes it very accessible for most people. The Lawns blends the urban landscape with décor of country side restaurant, with foods selected all across continent and fused with local ingredients to create fusion delights. The service is impeccable for all the times i have been there but i was impressed by how Steven – our waiter for the evening handled a big crowd of about twenty people single handedly.

A long twenty sitter table was set for us for the evening with a touch of orange and green napkins, nothing super fancy but just right for the evening. The ambiance is perfect for that date night or in this case a birthday dinner.



The FOOD!! If i say am “fish- bananas”, i am actually crazy about fish but still very particular with my food – just as i am with my clothes.DUH. I had the grilled fish fillet with veggies and a side of mashed potatoes, and i must say i am never content with people’s mashed potatoes (i make the best mash – believe me), but i didn’t get a chance to complain this time round. The fish was just perfectly juicy with a taste of mixed herbs, not the dry fillet. Any mushroom suckers? I am right here. I asked for the mushroom sauce instead of the usual sauce served with the fillet, and trust me i was sold with is one – the biggest mistake for the night was not to ask the chef for the recipe.

My Plate

Am i the only one who en devours that the person next to me orders something different, so i can taste their food? Well i am 100% guilty of this. My sister had the spaghetti and meat balls which where just fine – not something i will order for the next time i am there but definitely taste again. LOL. I didn’t get a chance to pass my fork to other plates but i must say the food was amazing as the plates were picked empty.

Kyom’s chicken and fries


I was pretty hyped that night and didn’t care to get the name of the wine we had, but it was so good. I am that dry red wine kinda girl, and at the price (UGX55,000) – this was pure bliss.


Mariam enjoying her spaghetti and meat balls
Well done steak, veggies and mashed potatoes


FOOD – 4.5/5


LOCATION – 5/5 (Very convenient from where i live – Bugolobi)

Have you been to the Lawns? What’s your take?



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It was a great.night enjoyed it btw am a food lover as well 😘😘😘


Heheheh…I see your love of food from snapchat 😂

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