The obsession with Korean beauty has been at full steam for quite some time now. First becoming  popular in America after the media finally acknowledged the beautiful glass like skins of Korean women and men, the hype of Korean Beauty specifically the skincare routine has got beauty enthusiasts all over the world wondering if it’s  worth the hype. Are the 10 – 12 skincare steps truly worth it your time and money?

Okay, excuse my manners? Happy New Year Loves! I missed you!

When someone says “Korean Beauty / Skincare”, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Sheet masks! Me too. Okay that was before I really got into skincare LOL. 

If you follow me on Instagram and on my YouTube channel you know I love skincare and I  love to see women (and men) take care of themselves inside and out. I appreciate the fact that Ugandan women are being very intentional about skincare lately. We must admit that the Korean Skincare Routine hype is slowly but surely being embraced even on the streets of Kampala. This is evident from the increasing number of small businesses retailing Korean beauty and skincare products, which wasn’t the case even a year ago. Looks like some of you guys believe in the Korean magic.

The famous Korean Skincare routine has 10 to 12 steps according to the guide you follow which include;

Oil cleaner

Water cleanse

Mask / Exfoliate (1/2 a week)





Sheet mask

Eye cream


Sunscreen or Sleeping Mask

I know, it’s sounds extensive even to me as a beauty enthusiast, but most Korean women use this extensive skincare routine each and every day to help keep their skin looking healthy, plump and beautiful.

Korean skincare mainly focuses on hydration of the skin hence the very many steps. Sis, hydrated skin is happy skin. I know you have heard drinking a lot of water is good for your skin,  it’s unfortunate that one liter of water won’t cut it for your skin.

“I would love to give it a shot but  all those steps must be daunting,” you must be thinking. Don’t worry, each of these steps are NOT performed every time you wash your face.  Understand your skincare type, listen to your skin and build your skincare routine slowly with the basics first, we don’t want to break the bank buying 15 skincare products at a go. It’s 2021, we all know the struggle. For example start with the basics of Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize and Invest in a good sunscreen for morning use. With consistence and the right products I believe you will see the whole difference, there after you can invest in the other steps like essence, serum, eye cream, etc.

Are you sold on the Korean Skincare routine or you will have to pass?

I like to mix and match my skincare routines. From Korean brands like Cosrx, to high end brands like Lancome and drug store brands like Neutrogena. Please check out some of my skincare videos below to see a few of my favorite products that ACTUALLY WORK.

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