Takes a look at some strange looking skirt – (Long Pause)

Thinks to self – Ooh Wow! How the hell does one wear such a crappy looking skirt? (But holds onto it for some reason) Looks like deep down something knew it would come in handy concealing my postpartum stubborn tummy🙂.

Years Later : My bad, this is such a dope piece and I can’t wait to do so many things with this Khaki Number.

Old School with a hint of the New School is usually how I like to roll sometimes. Nothing more old school than a Khaki round / puffy skirt screaming I belong in the 80’s. Unpredictable is what my closet is. This Khaki skirt and I are on a race of “Who’s Older?” however I am sure I am winning this race. This being one of the pieces from my mum which i have kept a while now, I must applaud her for her keen eye (am sure she didn’t know that Lol) for such versatile pieces because all the pieces I inherited from her closet are timeless and I am still holding onto them. Hopefully I will pass them down to my daughter someday😊

As I am still struggling with the flab on my stomach (I just patted myself on the back as I have come a long way) this skirt has been a favorite piece of mine, no worry about sucking that tummy in – so i am as free as a bird everytime i wear it. Another piece that is a must have for your postpartum closet is Peplum. Peplum anything has been doing wonders for me lately. I am finding peplum tops, skirts and dresses my go out tummy concealing pieces which you should give a shot as well. What’s that piece you wear to conceal that postpartum flab? I would like to know.

Skirt – Mommy’ Closet

Top – Maya’s Gallery (two pieces left)

Sunnies – Maya’s Gallery

Bag – Thrift (Only 12,000 Ugx😁)

Photo Credit : Tush Concepts +256788510555 

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