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Jumpsuit originally referred to the functional one-piece garment used by skydivers or parachuters , but has come to be used as a common term for any one-piece garment with sleeves and legs.

Jumpsuits have also reappeared from time to time in high fashion, where it is often attractive to designers because it has an unbroken line running from the neck to the feet and can be flattering on some body shapes.

This post is one of my re-creation posts i promised in the beginning (check out here). This black jumpsuit is a classic one and i have worn it a couple of times and you would hardly notice it’s the same jumpsuit – i mean it’s black and i live for the recycle.

How i got this jumpsuit is just another story. It was the last days of my holiday in Boston early this year, of course you gotta do that last minute shopping for the essentials (when i say essentials i mean stuff like lotions, scrubs – not jumpsuits) so we happened to pass by Bloomingdales PS: I do not shop at Bloomingdales. I love it but it’s just to pricey for me right now – i usually just inherit from my mama (if you know what am saying). So i usually just droll and that’s it, this time round my aunt saw this jumpsuit and told me to try it on – i really didn’t want to because it was so out of my budget and i didn’t want to forego my ”essentials” for a jumpsuit.

Am sure you guys know when the elders insist on something, so i ended up trying it on. Guys this piece was the truth, am telling you – my aunt thought it fit like a glove and she called everyone around the changing room to check me out LOL and that was my ticket to the jumpsuit as everyone said i shouldn’t leave it. Once i mentioned i couldn’t afford it, one of the spectators being my uncle offered and that’s how i won a lottery of this classic piece.


For the love i have for chiffon, this was perfect – you can easily dress it down or up. The bandage like details on the jumpsuit hold everything together so it’s one of those pieces i throw on when the tummy is not behaving.

I dressed it down with a pair of sandals, a big brown handbag (am loving these – very timeless) and huge green sunglasses for

Jumpsuit – Bloomingdales

Bag – Accessorize Collection

Sunglasses – Mr. Price

Sandals – Kyom’s

Studs and Midi Rings – Forever21

How would you rock your jumpsuit?







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I love your sunglasses! They’re look so chic. <3


Thank you 😀 Oooh yes they are 😁


Timeless 😙😘😚👌👌👌


This is a great outfit! 😊


Thank you 😀


Nice 😘


The shades are amazing


Thank You😃

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