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CULLOTES are back and just like my mama, I am absolutely loving this 70’s trend that has graciously made its come back in the millennial streets.  Side Note;  I must say my late mother had an amazing sense of style – classic chic which made her pieces a jackpot for me over 20 years later. I usually speak fashion with a few people I can and it’s come to my realization that most people feel a certain way about cullotes, mostly negative so I am here to give you a few tips on how to wear your cullotes, palazzo pants and anything in between.

Stick to Neutral Colours;

If you just building your cullotes collection, you better kick off with the neutral colours like black, navy blue and white as these colour options are easier to style hence giving you multiple wears meaning you get your money’s worth. 

Also, dark colours like black and navy blue have a slimming effect so if you are one of those ladies (I have met many)  who claim cullotes are for the smaller ladies, this tip is for you.

Tuck in your shirt / crop it;

To compliment the loose fit of the cullotes, I would advise you to wear a well fitted shirt or crop top to give your waist some definition and enhancement. “If it’s loose at the bottom, be sure to keep the top well fitted and vice versa”.

Avoid layers;

You don’t want to look overwhelming do you?  With the buggy cullotes / pallazo fit please avoid over layering or layering at all, try keeping your look as neat as possible.

Stick to the same Colour Spectrum;

This is the easiest way to chic up your look any day of the week and this applies to cullotes too. You can never go wrong with monochrome!

Pallazo pants – Inherited from Momma (SHOP CULLOTES HERE)

Crop Top – Maya’sGalleryUg

Brallette – Zaful

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