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One thing I have been digging (all over again) this past first quarter of 2018 are palazzo pants. Full length or three quarter, if it’s palazzo, then it’s for me. Palazzo Pants have been a hot sensation throughout the decades in the fashion industry although they have clearly been on and off over the years but made such a Swaggy Come back. Worn for the first time by the very famous Coco Chanel on a beach, these should definitely be a must have right? Or Nah?

Mom life sometimes needs me to be super comfortable to get through a long day with my Sonshine hence my love for palazzo pants as they are extremely comfortable, stylish and chic at the same time while varying from being completely formal to the perfect casual outfits.

And who doesn’t love the sound comfort and chic together? I know I do and I am sure you do too so here’s 4 Tips to guide you when you decide to go the Palazzo way;

The Right Waist:

An ill fitting waist can ruin everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. The fact that Palazzos are loose fitting in nature, a well fitted waist is a must for everything to fall in place. Do NOT compromise with that waist guys, make the tailor your best friend if you need to like I did with this black pair I am wearing – being on an ongoing weight loss journey, I have lost a couple of pounds over the last months hence needing to hola at my tailor whenever the waist needed some adjustments.

The Right Fabric:

Yes, the fabric does matter so endeavor to choose the right fabric when you are shopping for your palazzo pants. If you are quite petite, I would advise you to go for stiff fabrics like raw silk and if you got some curves like myself, flowy fabrics like chiffon are perfect. However stiff fabrics can sometimes work with them curves if carefully chosen, like this pair I am absolutely in love with.

The Right Fit:

How loose are your palazzos? I would advise more curvy and petite ladies to avoid very loose fitting palazzos as these add extra pounds onto your body and make your legs appear shorter respectively. For my tall and less curvy chicas, feel free to get your palazzos as loose fitting as you desire.

Crops and Tucks;

When you are wearing high waisted palazzos, crop tops and sheer tops are your best friend as these accentuate your waist. If you are not comfortable with crop tops then tucking in a well fitted top will do you justice. I love my palazzos high waisted and this is definitely my favorite way of wearing them (with a blazer or jacket if I am going for a more formal look).PS; I am obsessed with this trench coat, check out another look HERE.

Clearly I am obsessed with three quarter pants, check out my other palazzo looks HERE and HERE.

PS: These are my thoughts and tips I use and bare in mind when I am thinking palazzos – however these might not work for you the way they do for me, but I hope they will be of help to someone out there.

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