Just a few months ago my sister and I received two suitcases full of our late mom’s clothes and I must admit two things; my father is such a wise man to have held onto those pieces till we were much older and my mother was such a diva with impeccable taste – she clearly knew how to effortlessly make a statement.

I am going Green with this fit mainly because of this statement Ankara / Tie and dye shirt that belonged to my dear momma and breathes everything EXTRA to me. I have been wearing so many of my mom’s pieces lately, bringing tears to those that loved her so dearly just because I could be her twin. Being 16- 19 years old I must say these are the most priceless pieces in my closet which have made me eager to have a baby girl so I can pass these pieces to her and we build a fashion legacy. LOL.

Not wanting to alter the shirt, I needed to wear something well fitted at the bottom to balance everything out. And do you know what’s better than a pencil skirt? A bandage pencil skirt. This green number happens to be favorite of mine at the moment because bandage just holds everything together, if you know what I mean. A slim belt was a must have to exentuate my waist a little and I was ready for an evening with Solome Basuuta courtesy of Flair Magazine.

Extra Tips:

  • Monochrome is the easiest way to achieving a classy look. Wear one majority color and you are good to go. For example green in this look.
  • If you are wearing prints, use the dominant color in the print to determine what to pair it with. For example the dominant green in this shirt led me to the green bandage skirt.
  • Always go for a fitted bottom if your top is loose fitting and vice versa.
  • For a loose fitting top, a waist belt is always a good idea.

What are your thoughts about this fit? How would you rock it?

Shirt – Mom’s

Skirt – Maya’s Gallery (Available in Grey and Black)

Hair – Barbara (+256 781 566 016)

Photography : Fred Bugembe (+256 773 693 420)

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Stay Fab



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I love this outfit Maya…Imagine, my mum has a kitenge exactly like this….Guess who is going to be wearing it next weekend. Me!!.You look stunning./…..xoxoxo


Thanks hon😁

Oooh yeah? That’s exciting, clearly our moms had / have great taste. Please slide in my DM with a picture😊😊


Looks really good. Am definitely going to think twice when am shopping for clothes.


Thank you Sharon😊 Oooh yes, especially if you are dropping some hefty coin 😊


Maya! This made me tear. You look really beautiful hun.


Aawww Shakie😊 Thank you love😘

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