Happy Saturday Loves,

Hope you all doing well and Happy Ramadhan to all the Muslims out there! Today marks exactly one month since started my blog and I have been doing some self review in terms of my posts and ummm….( I won’t be so hard on myself right now) but I just got to realize I have never ever had a post about beauty so I decided to do a quick one for you guys about how i try to keep my skin in check on a daily basis.

I must admit i don’t have flawless skin but my complaints are quite minimal. I have a normal and partly oily skin( that’s according to the lady that did my first and last facial at Soothing Spot Spa at Acacia Mall  Kololo; I intend to treat myself again very soon). My skin never breaks out unless during that ”time of the month” – I think some of you can relate and i have that uneven skin tone issue going on (looking for a natural remedy for that).

Well here are a few things i incorporate in my daily routine to keep my skin at bay.

1. Drink a lot of water, try to have at least two liters of water daily (I won’t even start to mention the importance of water, start with what you can till you get there). Personally I take about three to four liters of water a day, for some reason am constantly thirsty and this has done wonders for my skin and body weight (I hope so😏).

2. Keep your hands away from your face.  I repeat – Please keep your hands away from your face. this is something we usually do unconsciously but need to fight as soon as we realize we love our good skin and no colds.  All that face touching coupled with your daily trek through public places, whether it’s the gym, the bus, or the mall, can lead to an unhappy skin as we pick up dirt and germs that we transfer to our faces hence the breakouts.

3. Please let your face breathe. I Love Love my makeup on but sometimes i just feel like letting my face breathe and i think it has done my face wonders. Or you can always use a primer before you apply your makeup to give you a protective base between your skin and the makeup and NEVER sleep with your makeup on.

4. Be gentle with your skin, pat your face dry after a shower or bath instead of rubbing your face so that some moisture remains in the skin.

5. En devour to moisturize. For daily use i would advise one to consider a moisturizer that contains SPF (Oooh yes we do need protection from the sun too).

6. Eat healthy. This is not easy for me because i like my fries but i try to eat the green staff once in a while, am sure you guys will definitely do better.

I will be sharing with you the products I use on my skin in a few days, don’t want to give you a history like essay on this beautiful morning.

I hope you guys these helpful and please feel free to enlighten me on what you do for your skins, sharing is caring.

Am excited about my month of blogging and am treating myself because i believe in small achievements!! OurDreamsAreValid.

Stay Blessed Loves




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Wow! This a beautiful piece of information. I agree with every point stated. About drinking water, my advice is to take a glass every morning-as the first thing when you wake up. I also love to carry a water bottle with me everywhere. That way, I can sip on it even involuntarily..


Thank you Faith. The water is such a magical trick.


Right on Mayabee on all yr points, i may add one if you dont mind. Antioxidants are also very important in keeping the skin looking supple and prevents outbreaks too. Using a cream with antioxitands goes along way and iam glad you mentioned sunsreen cz most ladies dont think its important but its very very important.Gd job bravo!!!!!


Thanks mama. I need to look for a moisturizer with antioxidants and I do a review for my readers.

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