Dresslily really got me😁<<<< laimer: I had months of contemplating and gathering confidence before I could go naked in this floral piece so I will be very delighted if you do NOT judge me. LOL. Thank you!<<<< er understood when they said your body can never be the same again after child birth until I had my own Sonshine ("A healthy active lifestyle will do the trick," so I thought) I bet not even surgery can make it just the way it was - it might look the same or ever better than before but it will never be the same. I now agree, do you?

So getting myself to wear this two piece sleeted pants combo 9 months after I had my Sonshine took me months of contemplating – sharing it with you lovelies took me BALLS. And I did so because I look at my self as a work in progress, my body is a work of progress and even if it will never be the same again, it will be my “imperfect perfect” body that nurtured and carried my Sonshine. The best thing that ever happened to me. So to you out there, don’t be shy to show some skin after the kids come through, if you are comfortable with what you see in the mirror then why not. As long as YOU are at peace, go with it.

Floral prints and two piece clothing are trending everywhere. I mean everywhere. If you are keen with your clothes like myself, you could easily let the trend pass after seeing Kampala streets flooded with the famous Chinese dupes of everything floral. But this subtle piece couldn’t let the trend pass me by which I got from HERE.

Two piece pants and crop top – Dreslily

Sunnies – Still available HERE.

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