Before I had my Sonshine, I imagined I would be one of those first time moms who bought every and anything for their first child – anything baby was something for my baby boy. Can any mom out there relate? Looks like it was just a thought in passing because that didn’t happen, I turned out not to be that mother. I got specific and started to think “Do we really need this?”, at the end of the day, the coin has to be saved.

Guys,I still can’t believe my Sonshine didn’t use a baby walker yet that was the third item on my shopping list.

However I must admit there are certain products that I bought and absolutely loved and i am sure these will take me through all my babies (And No, I am not expecting yet🙄), others that we use on a daily basis and I wouldn’t opt for anything else. Below are some of my favorite Baby / Toddler products that I will buy again without second thought;

Graco Pack and Play:

Boy Oh Boy, this is the best purchase I have made in my life.  This came in handy when we traveled and also when i needed to be at work but had to take the baby with me  – it’s portability is to die for. I got mine from Walmart but i have seen a couple of these on Bunga – Ggaba Road, in the stores selling used home products and furniture. Thank me later.

Avent Feeding Bottles and Pacifiers:

Please don’t come to me with those biased stereotypical stories about pacifiers – My baby My rules LOL. Anyway pacifiers worked well for us and i realized my Sonshine preferred the Avent ones, i love the fact that each pacifier comes with a cover so its easier to keep clean while out and about. I am sure the bottles do speak for themselves, the wide necks make it easy for you to clean the bottles and you can use these over and over again, all you have to do is buy new nipples. As a first time mom with fear of colic i had to go for the Anti Colic bottles and i won’t even lie, i have no clue if they actually did a thing.

Medela Breast Pump:

Can you believe a breast pump wasn’t on my Urgent list of things to purchase as a mother? Not a Medela one at least but I am so glad I bought it – I wonder what I would have done on the days my baby was sleeping over at his granny’s and the boobs were engorged and full of milk. Do you think a breast pump is a necessity? I got mine from Walmart but they are available on Amazon as well.

Pamper Pants:

Pampers might seem like the obvious diaper brand but the pampers pants are everything for me, easy to wear and stay dry for a long time. I must admit i rarely wake up for night diaper changes anymore, unless we have an accident. Jumia has got these on a bargain, Shop HERE.

A + D Skin Protectant:

Now this is my holy grail for diaper rash, I said Boy Bye to diaper rash when my Sonshine was 2 weeks old and we are One year and 10 months and we haven’t lived that nightmare since. I use it on his whole body and I like the glow, however i am open to body oil and lotion options. What do you use on your baby and how is it working out for you?

Dettol Junior Soap:

Is it just me who grew up knowing Dettol is the best thing for babies. I started off with Aveeno Baby wash and switched it up a few months later and i have not looked back, however sometimes when i find the Dettol Junior soap is out of stock, i opt for the Dettol original. What’s your favorite baby soap on the market?

You can get most of these items from so many places however for all your baby needs under one roof, one of the places i would recommend Dennan Baby to Kids.

What are your best and worst baby products you have used and why do you love or hate them? Remember, Sharing is Caring

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