A father is the first man a daughter says ”I love you” to,and the first man to really show her what love is. Even if one day she finds a man in her life, a father will always be her first love.


This is a letter to my father, my hero and my forever king.

Dear Dad,

I know being  father is no easy task but you do it effortlessly and i wonder how you even pull that off. You are a father to many, a mentor to some but above all you are my King – and forever will be. I have never seen kindness like i have seen in you in my entire life which has made me look at life completely differently.

I pray for you more than i pray for myself because i know how selfless you are (i imagine you pray for your children and  others more than you pray for yourself).

It used to break my heart when I heard even a tiny bit of criticism about you but you taught me criticism is good, you are either doing something great or you actually need to improve something.

Sometimes people imagine you spoil me with all sorts of materialistic stuff, yes you go out of your way to provide for me and the family which i appreciate with every single breath i take but never to spoil me; above all you have taught me to be content with what i have, live a simple life and that has made life so easy for me.


You have always wanted to catch me before i fall but instead you pick me up, brush me off and let me try again.

I know you always want to keep me from making mistakes but instead you let me find my own way, even though your heart breaks in silence when i get hurt.

You have held me when i cry, cried with me sometimes, talked to me in the kindest way when i break the rules, you shine with pride when i succeed at something – however small (i remember how happy you are when i started this blog), and you always have faith in me when i fail.

As much much i would want to thank you, i also want to apologize. Raising all of us might be one of the biggest challenges a father goes through, and speaking for me, sorry for any grey hairs I’ve caused you when you were up at night worried about me.

I know i can be a handful sometimes, but really, what daughter isn’t? I also want to acknowledge that there’s still a long future of me screwing up somewhere in life and running to you for help.

Even though we don’t always understand each other, you are the biggest influence in my life. I know you have always been my number fan in whatever i decide to do.

I would write pages and pages about you dad but let me stop here (for now). I only hope one day i can truly show you how important you are to me. And Wherever i end up, i hope i make you proud father and that will mean the world to me.

Love you Always And Forever

Your Lovey Daughter


Dress ~ Atmosphere (from my previous post “My Go To Pencil Dress”)

Photography By Fred Of ILove Studio

Make Up By Mona +256779485514




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Happy fathers day to Mayabee’s King. You must be soo proud of her.


Happy Father’s day dad I pray to Allah every day to grant you more and more years love 😍 you and I appreciate the love you show to all of us #happyfathersdaydad


Amen To That😀


Maya , that was so so so and i mean so sweetie!!!!! As i was reading it , tears were rolling down my eyes. What a tribube to yr Dad!!!! Well said . That was so touching and iam speechless. Thanks so much for such a wonderfull article abot yr best freind and yr FATHER.


Awwwwww…am glad you think so! mama thanks so much for your support!😘😘


Oh my dear
This is so genuine and define the person your daddy is .Emotional filled. ..you look so beautiful and may God help you to achieve all your aspirations.
This nailed it, no better way to make a dad feel your love than the way u expressed your self.
Happy fathers day Prof.


Thank you so much Massy 😀


You make me wonder what life would have been like growing up with a Dad like yours ….happy father’s day Daddy Maya…



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