Hey Loves!!

Anybody in the mood for some sort of celebration? As some of you might know May is a special month, we (ItsMayaBee) are making two years in a few days – Yaaay!! If this doesn’t call for a celebration please tell me what does.  Usually this is a time for me to reflect on how far ItsMayaBee has come, revise my blog vision and mission (if need arises), set some annual goals, double check dead lines etc.  So how’s May going for y’all? Anything special that calls for celebration? Mine is going well so far, could be much better but i am not exactly complaining.


9:20pm. Put the little boss man to bed about an hour ago, took a shower and now its “Maya Time”.


Extremely satisfied after today’s works.


On Amu to bring me some food. She was supposed to be back 2 hours ago😞


On some water.

Already Planning:

My breakfast for tomorrow. I am trying to have my breakfast religiously despite the fact that it skips my mind sometimes – as they say Breakfast is the ultimate fuel for your day. Am thinking pancakes but since i am battling these pounds, i will settle for the good ‘ol oatmeal.


Nothing at the moment meaning my catch up list is a lengthy one. Anyone watching The Black List – Redemption? I am super excited for this one.


CNN. Hilary Clinton discussing the North Korean threat – this really isn’t the time for another world war so help us God.


The Outliers. However i just realized I misplaced the hard copy and I am not so keen about on reading on my phone or computer.


You lovelies to take advantage of the online sale on here, SHOP HERE and visit Maya’s Gallery Shop 15 Akamwesi Complex Nakawa.


So many dark lippies lately. If you have known me long enough, you know i have always been down for a red lip and never did i imagine wearing a different lip color but looks like i am running out of my comfort zone so much lately – which is perfect. I wonder what happened to my red lipsticks that i couldn’t get enough of.


My hair, i must say i am absolutely obsessed with this look – completely out of the ordinary for Maya but definitely a fit for me.


With Colour Pop lipsticks lately – LAX and Embelish topping the list.


By some people’s comments after last week’s video. I had three people that think i should be on TV – that was quite hilarious but i am completely flattered.


To do the taking stock series every after a month instead of monthly.


That i fit into my jeans today! I am so proud of my progress guys because you will not believe how much weight i gained however  i am just half way to my ideal weight.


To film a video for my YouTube channel before Saturday so be sure to subscribe HERE and catch my latest video  HERE in case you missed it.

Looking Forward:

To celebrating my first Mothers’ Day. What do you guys usually do on mothers day? Do you usually get out and celebrate this beautiful journey or just let the day pass?

Can’t Believe: 

Ehan is making 4 months on Saturday – Ooh how time flies, he will be walking before we know it guys. Tukuziza😁


For the tremendous support system i have – these people have managed to keep me sane through all the tough times.


On how far I have come with ItsMayaBee – my accomplishments, missed opportunities, mistakes that became lessons, etc and I would love to thank you for being on this journey with me – however I must admit to you guys that a part of me feels a tad disappointed in myself for some reason. Do you ever feel like you should have done so much in a specific period of time? Well, I feel like I should have accomplished so much more than I have in the past two years – but again I do my best, Let Go and Let God.


If I am a little so hard on myself sometimes?


Some extreme positive energy. Do you ever feel like there’s constant negative energy creeping up on you however much you trying to stay positive? This has been dampening my mood lately therefore needing more positive vibes in my corner.


To always trust your instinct.


For Life and you guys! Thank you for stopping by.

Be sure to add me on Instagram @itsmayabee and Snap Chat itsmayabee11

To an amazing May!!

Stay Fab



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I love your positive energy


Thank you! A little positivity will do wonders 😀

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