2020 is here guys!! As I type this I am quite excited for the new year, hope you are feeling as optimistic as I am. 

Firstly, I want thank YOU  for riding and being patient with me through out the years, I truly appreciate it. If this is your first time here, you are very welcome – I also have a YouTube channel you can check out HERE.

 The new year usually comes along with goal setting and evaluation for most of us, I happened to get most of that done on New Years Eve and I had a couple of questions I asked myself while at it which were quite insightful hence sharing some of them with you guys in hope that they might give you some sort of perspective as you get ready and settle into 2020.

What’s really important to you?

Sometimes we lose focus of what’s really important along the way so endeavor to priotize some quiet time often and think deeply about what is really important to you.

How do you want to grow spiritually / religiously?

I am always eager to grow my relationship with God each year so I set different goals that I feel fulfill my purpose in that sector – its always one day at a time!

How will you say NO more this year? 

This is something I am constantly working on and to be honest it hasn’t been easy at all but I am getting there. NEVER commit to something when you have even an ounce of  doubt that you might not give it your all. As a millennial I am here to remind my millennial sisters and brothers that you don’t have to be available for everything or attend every event –  saying NO is good for your mental health sis.

Are there expectations in your relationships that have gone unexpressed?

In the past years I have pondering why I wasn’t getting the most out of some my relationships with people only to come to the realization that I never expressed my expectations in the first place hence the other party not knowing exactly what I expected.

What are your financial goals?

MONEY MONEY MONEY! i don’t know who needs to hear this – “With discipline we can do better financially, and no money is little money for you to save!

How are you taking care your body?

Your body is a temple honey boo boo – take good care of it. Personally my goal is to be more active this year, what do you have in mind?

Do you have a solid bedtime routine?

This might sound silly but good sleep is your friend. Do you get 7/8 hours of sleep? I  know life can get quite busy but sleep is good for you sis, with a good night’s sleep you will see results from the work you put in at the gym, better your health and better your skin (I know we all love that GLOW).

How are you impacting someone else’s life?

As I always say, you haven’t really lived life until you have made someones life better.

What your theme for 2020? 

This is generally a statement that represents your goals and aspirations for the year. Mine is discipline for growth and development.

Happy New Year Lovelies. 

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and I hope you will be back soon – what do you want me to talk about?  Please leave a suggestion in the comment box below.

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 Stay Fab


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