1 ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.”a writer of remarkable versatility”

Let’s talk Versatile wardrobe and you can call me the versatility preacher. As females our wardrobes go through various changes throughout the course of our lives due to a ton of reasons – firstly a girl gotta grow and glow so your style evolves, change in body goals and body weight, and need I talk about that bump? So through out these incredible changes, what are those pieces that have made an all rounder through out these changes?

I am wearing a T-shirt i bought on Black Friday while 8 months pregnant and a skirt I bought during my first trimester. If this is not versatile then I don’t know what is. I could think of a gazillion ways that I can wear these two pieces and this is what gives me life😀

Maximize on neutral colors:

Blacks, Whites, grays and some pastels make the perfect versatile pieces as they are timeless and can easily be paired with so many other colors. This applies to accessories too, this maroon tote bag from Bata is timeless.

• Invest more in stretchy clothes:

If it stretches, it’s for me. These will come in handy when you pack on a few pounds, I must admit I barely did any shopping while pregnant (except for leggings) because of I had a ton of stretchy dresses and skirts.

Stay away from trends when looking for versatile pieces. Think to yourself, will I be able to wear this 3 years from now? If yes, then go for it but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go with the trends – Gurl, be sure to enjoy the trends as some of them are here for a long time.

• Invest in quality pieces:

You might have to drop a few more coins when investing in versatile pieces. Trust me, its definitely will worth it in the long run – you don’t expect a piece you will wear at-least once every 2 months for 4 years to come real cheap. Of course don’t forget to look for a good bargain. You will drop more coins investing in a quality black bandage dress that you will rock for the next 3 years so Stay Woke😊.

• Do some wardrobe pairing while shopping:

Think to yourself, “What in my wardrobe can I pair with this?” Or “How many times can I wear this different?”. These questions will give you all the guidance you need.

I hope you found these helpful. Are you a Fan of wardrobe versatility? What tips do you have in mind while buying versatile fashion pieces, please share in the comments.

T-shirt – Zara

Skirt – Maya’s Gallery

Shoes – Mr. Price

Bag – Bata

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Stay Fab



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I live for versatile pieces! And am especially loving the way you paired these ones.


You and me both🤗🤗
Thanks Tracy❤️

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